Valentin Sidorenko is a visual artist and documentary photographer. He was born in 1995 in a small town Gornyak, which is situated in Altay Territory on the border of Russia and Kazakhstan, where landscapes full of endless steppes. Valentin Sidorenko first studied animation and multimedia before turning his attention to art, and working in the beginning in documentary field. His career has spanned different media – photography, collage, book format, multimedia and documentary films. Sidorenko is interested in subjects of social and family relations, personal boundaries, myths, fears, silence and love. He believes that his works could find reasons of family, social and personal problems, yet they are also autobiographical, drawing on his personal experience. He now lives and works in Moscow, Russia.  

Group exhibitions

2018. Roots of the heart grow together, Millepiani Exhibition Space, The LoosenArt Collection, Rome, Italy
2018. Roots of the heart grow together, The International festival of photography, Photoparade in Uglich, Uglich, Russia
2018. Roots of the heart grow together, Fotografika Gallery, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
2013. Red Book, The Prospect Gallery of Modern Art, Barnaul, Russia


2018. Shortlist, Roots of the heart grow together, Bird in Flight Prize, Ukraine
2018. Winner, Roots of the heart grow together, Point on the map, Possibility of the future, Russia
2018. Finalist, Roots of the heart grow together, Young photographers of Russia – 2018, Russia


Dodho Magazine, Gift for others, Barcelona
2018. Birdinflight, Gift for others, Russia
2018. Birdinflight, Roots of the heart grow together, Russia
2018. Lenta, Stay Romina, Russia


2013 - 2019. Russian State Institute of Cinematography, faculty of animation and multimedia
2017 - 2018. Academy of documentary photography and Photojournalism Photographika

+7 (965) 192-72-31