My interest in fortune telling was started from thoughts about predestination of the life. I admitted it and was afraid of it at the same time. It seemed that a person has a choice. I decided to find out my fate through palmistry to overcome this fear. Having learned my past, present and possible future, I continued to believe in the influence of a person on his life, in the ability to choose.
I looked at the frozen lines on my hands. Lines - the time stopped at the moment of our birth. I wanted to talk to someone about this, and I began a dialogue with people who can no longer change their lives.
In the project, I put archival prints of famous people of XIX-XX centuries together, made by palmists: M. Raschig and L. Hamon. I began to ask myself: musicians, physicists, artists, actors, politicians - each took a decisive step in their path, but what if it were different?